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 Calibration Pots AKV Construction

calibration pot range


All wetted parts of the calibration pot are designed with respect to maximal chemical resistance and durability.

The tube of the calibration pot is made of hard and chemically neutral borosilicate glass of excellent quality providing clear visibility under all conditions.

The end cap flanges are most often made of stainless steel AISI 316 and PVDF, materials excellently resistant against wide range of chemicals.

The scale with graduation is carved and coloured in borosilicate glass directly, enabling comfortable value subtraction. The volumetric scale in ML is standard, other options are available on request.

Various sizes of calibration pots are available to fit wide range of applications. The most common sizes are from 250 ml to 5000 ml.  All calibration pots can be supplied with either threat or flange connections.

Protective cover made of stainless steel provides maximal mechanical protection against impacts occurring during transport, maintenance or operation.  

Other volumes and dimensions than standard are available on request same as special material execution (PTFE coating, PP, PE, PVC,  …)  and connections (NPT, DIN, ASME, ..).

calibration pot PVDF                          calibration pot 5000